Monday, June 2, 2008

"Mad Money"

Diane Keaton & Ted Danson portray a typical married couple who do not communicate very well, especially when it comes to finances. Bridget (Keaton) is a non working wife, who finds out that her husband has lost his high paying job and they may lose their high class comfortable lifestyle and have to sell their beautiful home. Bridget decides that she should get a job to help pay the bills. When she lands a job as a janitor at a Federal Reserve Bank; she is determined to find a way to steal some of the money that she so badly needs. Bridget devises a scheme to get the money out of the bank to recycle into the economy. She realizes she cannot do it alone and calls upon Nina (Queen Latifah), and Jackie (Katie Holmes) to help carry out her plans. The three of them are fool proof for the most part, until all of a sudden something goes wrong. As they eventually get caught, they wiggle their way out of the legalities and are free themselves of any jail time. Diane Keaton is witty, fun, and quite charming as she strategizes and finds ways to stash the money so it will not be found. The film is a lot of fun to watch and keeps you on your toes thinking at any time they may be caught in the act of stealing from a federal bank. I just kept thinking they are going to jail for a long long time. You will be humorously surprised to see what happens to them in the end.

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