Friday, May 30, 2008

P.S. I Love You:

Okay, it’s another romantic comedy. Gotta lov'em though. This is a pretty good one too. Given the fact that Hilary Swank (Holly in the film) is not one of my favorite actresses, I was hesitant. Surprisingly, she was even funny at times. I enjoyed her subtle humor and apprehensiveness. She was candid, and yet believable as the woman who lost the true love of her life too early! Holly’s charming and lovable Irish husband, who plays a very short lived role, is a lot of fun to watch too. He becomes her key to surviving the future with his notes and riddles from so far away (in the grave). It is a combination of humor, heart break, and some family and friend support. I think everyone can relate to Holly in some way. Just goes to show you how short life can really be.
My thoughts after this move, - Live life to the fullest; spend your time and energy on the precious and important things that matter! You never know when they will no longer be part of your life!

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