Saturday, May 17, 2008


"Bent" - with Clive Owen

We can watch movies, we can watch people walking down the street, we can become friends with people we meet, ignore them, the list of possibilities goes on. Don’t you sometimes wonder if they are happy, or sad, or working class people, rich, or poor, etc? Wouldn't it be interesting to know who and what they are without even asking? Maybe everyone wears a badge of some sort. Well…..the more I think about it….maybe not. It would take all the excitement out of meeting people, and choosing who you meet. Another thought is, do you believe in destiny, and that if you were meant to be here / there / anywhere, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be for the time being???
These thoughts, and countless others came to me while watching a rather out of the ordinary film titled "Bent" starring Clive Owen. In some ways I don't believe he knows himself at all, and then all of a sudden he seems to figure it out. It just goes to show you that some of us can skip through our lives and not even know who / what we are. This is an interesting war story that depicts the lives of homosexuals and people of Jewish faith. As a prisoner of war, the unknown is quite scary to everyone, but Clive Owen never fears his outcome, and claims he will live through it. He stays steady and strong throughout the film, and only shows his ‘true colors’ at the very end, when he feels it's time. Freedom at last I suppose. This movie should be approached with a very open mind. There are adult nudity and sexual scenes that some people would hesitate to watch. I though, have a very open mind for the most part, and like to understand what makes people tick. Very unique settings. Unique acting by Clive Owen. I have never seen him in a film quite like this, but he is very good in the role.

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