Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Bridge to Terabithia"

Magical……. Disney's - “Bridge to Terabithia”:
Disney fun time with the kids!
It’s Magical…….

Bridge to Terabithia is one of those Magical Kingdom movies, where you can imagine away. For two young school children, they imagine giant trolls, and all sorts of things in their newly found kingdom, they call “Terabithia” across the creek from where they live. The only way to get to their new world is by swinging across with a rope. They refurbish an old tree house that they find in the woods and claim it as their secret place.
The story is a lesson on how to keep an open mind, be creative, express yourself, understand others, and grow from all encountered experiences. It is also the discovery of inner feelings, and making something yours. The two children have a special bond of make believe and fantasy. A vivid imagination is key to this Disney tale.
I think this is good for all ages, IF your children are not afraid of strange creatures in the woods and giants. There is also a funeral scene that might be a bit disturbing to some young people too. It’s always hard when a friend or loved one dies.

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