Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Death Proof"

"Death Proof" - NOT a film for everyone!

Well….not sure how to begin to explain this Quentin Tarantino film. The words demented and twisted actually come to mind. I picked this movie because it starred Kurt Russell, and figured it must be pretty good. Geez, did I think wrong! Stunt Man Mike (Kurt Russell) seeks a good time by simply killing women and he knows just how to play the game to keep the law on his side. This movie delivers a warped sense of right and wrong. Yet there are no legal implications that he has done anything wrong! How does he get away with this I thought? He follows women, practically stalks them, and listens to their conversations to get to know them before he actually meets up with them to kill them. In the end, the tables are turned and the women start fighting back. Boy was Kurt Russell surprised when the women begin to attack him instead! This movie reminds me of a Kill Bill, or Pulp Fiction type of film, both of which I still don’t quite get either. It has to take some strange minds to come up with this type of suspense, murderous thriller. The acting was okay, but not great. I would definitely NOT recommend this for young kids to watch.

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