Saturday, May 17, 2008

License to Wed

Fun Loving Comedy

I’m sure we all know what it’s like to be ‘in love’ with someone. We all know how tough marriage can be. We all know how hard any relationship is for the most part. The divorce rate alone scares me to death! Now, take a newly engaged couple (man and woman) who is totally in love, never fight, and in the midst of planning their wedding. Bride to be Sadie is played by singer / actor Mandy Moore and her other half Ben is played by John Krashinski. Sadie and Ben feel that they are so compatible that nothing can go wrong, or pull them apart. Robin Williams plays Reverend Frank, who insists that in order to marry in the family church, they must pass his personally developed marriage prep course. The course concentrates on trust, communication, fair fighting, and more. Keep in mind that one of the rules is no sex, and the reverend has bugged their home so he knows EVERYTHING! The prep course even takes them through a trial run of what it would be like to have children. Not just A child, but twins. Twin robots that is; they poop, cry, etc.
I especially like the part in the movie where Ben is asked to describe something about each member of Sadie’s family. Need I say more? I’ll leave it at that, and you probably already have an idea where this goes! Can’t imagine what I would say about my in laws! My favorite scene in the whole movie was when Reverend Frank stops over to the home of the couple and Sadie begins to talk to the reverend about their sex life. Ben becomes a bit disturbed by this, and thus he is not a happy camper! Of course this leads to some disappointing words between the newly engaged couple. The bottom line is to help the couple understand each other, communicate, and everything else that goes along with making a marriage work.
All in all, the movie is quite amusing, and at times absurdly entertaining. It eludes to educate the audience about marriage to some degree. It seems that Robin Williams is the key to holding the entire film together with his sense of humor, and witty responsiveness to the developments or subjects at hand.

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