Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life As a House

“Life as a House”

It’s about
making today count,
focusing on what’s important,
focusing on what matters,
not losing track of life before it passes you by

“Life as a House” is a family story that will surely touch your heart. It’s serious, humorous, and revolves around family. It is a good father and son bonding story, but mom’s will definitely associate as well. If you have teenagers, you will especially relate to what is happening throughout this entire film.
Mom is frustrated with her teenage son who does not get along with step dad, natural father, or too many other people for that matter. Maybe it’s because the son is using drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, and frustrated with trying to find himself? Kevin Kline plays George Monroe, the boy’s natural father who becomes ill, realizes what he has failed at in life, and doesn’t have much time to make things right. He decides to tear down his old beaten up house and rebuild as a father and son summer bonding activity. Of course at first, the son refuses to stay with dad for the summer, refuses to help with the build, and refuses to respect anything his parents say. Then, miraculously taking one step at a time, father and son begin to connect. This great progress, and the ability to move forward comes just in time for George to pass on, and leave his son to live life on his own. It really is a great story / film, and Kevin Kline is better than I have ever seen him before.

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