Saturday, May 17, 2008


"Instinct" is a real mind thrilling drama to see
Excellent Movie!

Now here is are real mind thrilling drama for you to see. This story really makes you think. Anthony Hopkins is forever playing the scary roles, or strange characters. Recall silence of the lambs for instance. If you like Anthony Hopkins, you will enjoy him in this film where he plays Doctor Ethan Powell, who was lost for a couple of years in the jungle while studying the mountain gorillas. He lived among the wild somewhere in Africa, and made friends / family with the gorillas! Subsequent to some tragic experiences he encountered on his journey, he no longer wishes to speak. Powell was deemed extremely harmful and psychotic. Dr Theo Caulder is the one person who thinks he can ‘figure it all out’ and unveil all the truths that lie within Powell’s mind. He believes he can get Powell to speak again, and tell him the events as they took place back in Africa. This is a pretty exciting story to follow. I was so intrigued, and sat on the edge of my seat just to see what Powell was going to do or say next; or if he was going to speak at all. It was hard to anticipate what the next action would be on the part of Powell or Caulder. The two are in fact playing mind games with each other to see who is ‘really” in control of the situation, and even in control of their own lives. Bottom line question is...are you in control of your life or is someone else???

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