Wednesday, May 21, 2008

27 Dresses

I suppose we could categorize 27 Dresses in with the "chick flicks". It's definitely a fun romantic comedy for everyone to see in their spare time.

Katherine Heigl plays Jane who is always a bridesmaid never the bride. Jane is a really great person and a friend to everyone. She spends her free time helping all of her friends with their problems. She helps them plan their wedding, coordinating anything they might need for that special day! The problem is that Jane never really takes care of herself. She does not know how to say 'NO'. She is so busy running back and forth to weddings, at one point going to two on the same day, that she does not leave any 'real' play time for herself. Jane's untold desire is to be with her boss George (Edward Burns) when all of a sudden Jane's sister Tess comes to town for a visit and sweeps George out from under her. "Well, this is a reality check for Jane, you never really had him anyway! He is just your boss"

At one wedding, Jane meets Kevin (James Marsden), who appears to be very negative on the subject of marriage and weddings, and cannot think of anything to say that doesn't irritate the heck out of Jane. The word cynical comes up a few times. Then Kevin ends up writing an article about Jane and her life. This of course creates a huge emotional down turn for Jane until she realizes that Kevin is really a great guy and George was well again just her boss.

So, some thoughts for everyone... Live life with your own goals closer to the top of the list instead of putting them at the bottom and taking care of everyone else!!! We all deserve to fulfill our needs and desires.

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