Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Joe Jedermann"

"Joe Jedermann" starring Tim Allen. Now this was a very entertaining movie. Tim Allen, who is always great to watch, plays the role of a divorced father. Now this isn’t just any father, but a real schmuck of a guy! He doesn’t seem to run with the ‘in’ crowd, or have really expensive clothing. I think you know what I mean. All of a sudden he is sick and tired of feeling down and depressed, after an incident (a fight in the parking lot) at work that took place right in front of his daughter Natalie (played by Hayden Panettiere). It was supposed to be bring your daughter to work day, but he ends up taking her back to school because he is so embarrassed about the incident that took place.
Now, Tim Allen alone is usually funny, which helps to render a comical film. Add to that the daughter Natalie’s humor, and you have an enjoyable comedy! Natalie is incredibly intelligent, happy, cute, fun, witty, and a real smart arse, for lack of a better word. She really keeps the movie rolling and keeps the audience wondering what she will say next. The wit just doesn’t seem to end. She was, very amusing, and a fantastic little actress. I was thoroughly impressed with her style and her ability to antagonize her mother and father, and get them to think about the outcome of their actions. Usually this is the parent’s role to keep their children in line, but not in this film. Here, at a few instances, the child and parent seemed to have switched real life characters. I realize that it must have been good writing, and she didn’t think of these lines herself, but it sure seems like it just comes natural to her. Keep in mind, I would not especially like my own daughter to talk the way she does, but it is just a movie. If you like a good love story, or some witty comedy, this is a good choice.

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