Saturday, May 17, 2008


Fake /Phony / HOAX

A true story about an aspiring author named Clifford Irving (played by Richard Gere) who is desperate and down on his luck. His recent fictional book, which he thought would be a big hit, has just been rejected by a big New York firm. In turn, Irving decides to create a magnificent story that will capture the firm’s attention and yield him millions of dollars. Irving’s inventive new book would be an autobiography of none other than Howard Hughes. Knowing that Hughes does not take to the lime light and do interviews, etc Irving believes he can produce a best seller and put himself back on top of the writing industry. Irving and his partner in crime, Dick (actor Alfred Molina) lie, steal documents, forge documents with Hughes’ signature, and create fake interviews between Irving and Hughes. Irving’s actions and the events that take place are creative and simply brilliant. To see what Irving and his partner strive to accomplish in order to obtain a fortune is totally amazing. Irving’s wife even decides to help. She deposits a check made out to Hughes into a Swiss bank account. Not a good move for her. Irving is eventually stopped in his tracks with legalities and accusations of falsifying almost everything he wrote. Yes, the book is a fake / phony / HOAX, and also provides implications that would impeach President Nixon at the time. Thus, in the end, the book is not published. This movie is at times funny, but mostly deceitful, and just plain wrong doing! Ultimately, Irving, his pal Dick, and his wife are all brought to justice. If you like history you will enjoy this film. As for the acting, I feel that Richard Gere may not have been the best choice for the main character in this film. He seems to remain flat and distant throughout the film, and does not bring about the true essence of the real story. I think the film would have had more of an impact on me had they chosen a different actor for the lead character Clifford Irving. All in all it is a good story and provides the audience with a recap of true past events in history.

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