Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chaos Theory

Here’s a very profound statement from the end of the movie Chaos Theory: “Most important thing about love is we choose to give it and we choose to receive it; which makes it the least random act in the entire universe”.
I have to say great acting performance by Frank (Ryan Reynolds). Frank is the father of the bride to be, and striving to do be sure that his daughter Jesse is marrying “the right man”. Chaos Theory is full of fun, drama, comedy, and testing love with some very interesting twists. Just goes to show you that life if absolutely FULL of surprises. The movie is mostly circled around Frank and his experiences.
Frank is one of those list makers if you know what I mean. He writes everything down, categorizes things, and places his ideas (things to do) in numerical order of importance, etc. You get the picture. He is also very punctual – he does not miss a beat. So, as he is engaged in conversation with his soon to be son in law, he reflects back on the story of how and when life changed for him and what interferences could very well begin to take over what was once the perfect life for him. In other words, nothing is ever perfect. Be prepared for “things” to happen to test your love and marriage. You watch this movie just to see how Frank’s world hits rock bottom right before his (and the audience’s) eyes! Is it luck? Is it chance? Maybe fate? I personally always believe that the truth will prevail. Think about it. Eventually the truth typically does come out!

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