Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Charming Little Love Story - "Alex & Emma"

I watched Alex & Emma a couple of times now. Okay, so I’m a hopeless romantic! I find it a charming little love story where two people meet, just by chance, become colleagues, friends, and then lovers. Alex (Luke Wilson) is a writer who has writer’s block and has a 30 day deadline to finish his next book or face some grueling consequences. He is in debt to the Cubans who have destroyed his computer, so he is forced to dictate an entire book to someone within the 30 days. Emma (Kate Hudson) answers his ad in the paper for the job of a stenographer and ends up at his door. After some amusing conversation, she eventually accepts the job as his stenographer, and agrees to be paid once he finishes the book since he is totally broke at the present time and cannot pay her a dime. They eventually produce a romantic story that in the end leaves some truths to be told. It becomes their true love story in a sense.
The plot is well written and keeps the audience in suspense until the very end of the movie. Just when you think you know what he will write next, he changes it. I like the way this story line moves in and out / back and forth, from fiction to reality is the way I see it. Kate Hudson & Luke Wilson seem to have a secret, non verbal ‘like’ for each other from the start. They continue to gain more respect for each other throughout the film. It is an enjoyable story if you like to mix a little business with pleasure!