Friday, March 7, 2008

"Fierce People":

Key hitters / inspirational thoughts from this movie:
We are the sum of all the people we ever met
Out of bad comes good

Liz (Diane Lane) is a drug addicted mother who puts her son in the middle of a drug bust. Her son wishes to spend the summer with his father whom he has never met, but now is told he will instead be spending the summer with his mother’s friend and client Mr. Osborne (Donald Sutherland). Liz and her son had no idea what they were up against while living amongst one of the wealthiest class of people in town. When her son is attacked and sexually abused on the grounds of Osborne’s estate, their lives change. This is definitely the turning point in the movie and for their life as they knew it. It’s a very good movie.
I chose the movie “Fierce People” mainly because I really enjoy watching Diane Lane. She is one actress that I feel does an awesome job on screen with every diverse role she has been given. She is real, believable, loveable, and has this sense of charm and charisma that you just don’t see with most other actors or actresses. If you like Diane Lane, check out also “Under the Tuscan Sun”. This is one of my favorites. Diane Lane is just superb in this movie too.

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