Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Feast of Love"

"Feast of Love" is more for the adult audience. There is a little bit of nudity, and a lot of adult life situations and content that children probably would just not understand yet. So, this one is for the adults to watch (for a change) after the kids have gone to bed and you just want to see a good movie with some good acting. Starring a couple of my favorites - Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear. Who doesn't just LOVE Morgan Freeman. I would love to meet him some day. Well, I'll tell you that this role he played was spectacular. I said to myself during the movie, Morgan is just the wise ol owl isn't he!!! He is the best supporting actor I have seen in quite some time. He supports everyone in this film. If you like Morgan Freeman, you will absolutely love him in Feast of Love! He is so warm, in touch with everyone, and just plain wonderful.
As if you couldn't figure out what the movie was about by the's a feast of love all right. There is a lot to learn from the events of this film. It's about love, life, death, friends, family, God, happiness, sadness, making decisions, knowing the future, and everything else you can encounter in life, all combined! There are a lot of very powerful emotions running around this film, and Morgan Freeman tries to anchor everyone back down to reality without actually telling them what they really should do.
As for Greg Kinnear. He is really great in this film too. He is such a natural in my mind, and in this movie, he is down to earth, subtle and honest. So, of course that means he is always the one to get hurt. Throughout the movie, he learns to change his perspective on marriage and a lot of other things. He begins to understand that you cannot keep someone from who or what they really love in their heart. He also eventually comes to terms with the fact that his wife left him for another woman. Yes, another woman!
The movie was rather well done in my opinion. I have to admit too that I shed a few tears, but it was worth it! I would even like to see it again. The ending really touches your heart!

One very important line of advice is:

If you're going to "JUMP", "Jump with your eyes open"!!!

In other words, make sure you see what you are jumping into.

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