Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sydney White

Sydney White - played by Amanda Bynes is s fun story about people who do / or don't "FIT IN". This is a pretty good movie for teens, and adults to watch. Eventually, towards the end of the film, people start to fess up, so to speak, and admit that they are a "DORK". I think all of us have a dorky side to us whether it's that we are shy, or incredibly smart, or silly, or unbalanced, or whatever it might be. This movie brings out the "REAL" you in a group of college students, who didn't really believe in themselves too much. I think it's all part of just being yourself, and making the most of it. One cannot just sit in a corner and watch life pass by. We should stand up for what we believe, and who we are, and if someone has an issue with that, be it, that's thier problem.....

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